The Community Empowerment Program is an innovative approach to bring sustainable development in target communities.  This program seeks to optimize the utilization of local resources and opportunities in the community, by thereby transforming the community by creating positive socioeconomic results. HOPE Enterprises conducts various types of training, provides different kinds of support, organizes the target communities, and facilitates networking with potential resources to maximize the capacity of individual groups and the community in general. Different groups such as women, youths, people with disabilities, children, family members are involved in the program and benefit from the intervention. The community leaders, religious leaders, and key actors in the community are a part of intervention.

The purpose of the involvement of all these groups in the program is to empower target communities to take an initiative in community-driven development activities towards poverty reduction.  The overall goal is to improve the social and economic livelihoods of the target community. The program includes:

  • Education regarding health (such as HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, water born disease, and like), child protection, and current affairs

  • Community mobilization and participation

  • Transfer of appropriate knowledge and technologies to the communities

  • Organization of self-help groups (SHG)

  • Livelihood improvement

  • Introduction of Asset-based Community Development

  • Networking the participating communities for sharing information and best practices


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