HOPE emphasizes both skill-training and entrepreneurship in its vocational and micro enterprise curriculum. The curriculum also includes life skill training such as personal finance, self care, negotiation skills and the kind of attitudinal changes that are necessary for good relationships in community and work environments. Job Placement Services is a key part of this program and has been very successful. Thousands of young people who have graduated from HOPE Vocational Centers have created businesses for themselves and jobs for many others.

The type of training offered varies by project. For instance, the Addis Ababa Branch offers classes in general metal fabrication and assembly, industrial electric machines and drive servicing, furniture making and kitchen operations. The Dessie Branch provides training in general metal fabrication and assembly, instrumentation and control system, mechanics, accounting and customer service. The Gambella Branch offers masonry and administrative office and secretarial technology. In other areas, students interested in vocational training are sent to government technical institutes in a number of fields including: ICT, auto mechanics, accounting, and teaching.

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